10 Photo Editing Applications On My Phone

It is fair to say that Adobe products such as Lightroom and Photoshop are the most well-known photo editing softwares. Although I have experimented with both platforms and have seen no negative traits, I currently use more mobile friendly applications. Here are some of the softwares I utilize to edit my photos.


VSCO is my main editing tool that I use to edit my photography. VSCO is a form of social media, but also a way to edit your photos with premade filters and various other options. I downloaded VSCO several years ago and only recently decided to upgrade to VSCOX which costs $20 annualy, but you get access to all editing tools (including all of the filters!) I love this app and would recommend it to any photographer, or even someone who wants more proffesional-looking photos.

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Aviary is the platform I use to enhance attributes of my clients. More specifically, aviary is where I whiten teeth in order ot get the best quality out of a photo. The photo seen below is editted with VSCO filters, but the smile is editted through aviary.



Lightroom CC is a great app that can connect your phone to your desktop. Lightroom CC Mobile allows for you to connect your lightroom photo library on your laptop/computer to your phone – easy edits on the go! There are several pre-made filters that automatically enhance your photos and several editing tools that are extremely helpful in producing the best image possible.



Pomelo is similar to VSCO, but I find that I admire the black and white filters avaliable within this platform better. Pomelo has a variety of filters free of charge and is a great way to embellish any regular photo.



I use photo quilt CONSTANTLY. Whether it’s 2 or 10 photos, photo quilt is the best application to combine your photos into a collage. The app offers borders, shuffles photos for you, and gives you many options when attepting to make a collage.



I like to consider this app the “mobile photoshop.” The app contains many similar tools to photoshop and allows you to make a variety of creative edits to your photos. I use this platform when adding extra elements to my photos, such as outlines in the photo below.



R4VE is an application that maintains a variety of unique tools that can vitalize any photo. R4VE offers stickers, picture frames, text, other photos, and more.



Squaready is a great app to add clean-cut borders to your photos to make colors pop, or even make your photos fit on platforms like Instagram.



HUJI Cam recently became an extremely popular app known for it’s light leaks and enticing the feeling of “analog film.” The app is set up like a film camera and processes photos in order to add artsy features to each photo. You never know when you capture the photo what you’ll get!


My dog – a model



Suprisingly I use the Photos app on my mac and iphone to adjust my photos’ lighting preferances. Being able edit photos directly in the photo library eliminates the need for duplicates and makes sending the right copies of photos so much easier.



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